Last week we saw Fantic bringing its new 2021 four-stroke Enduro XEF.

Started in 1986 the Italian brand now updates it much-acclaimed Caballero segment.

Caballero 125 and 450cc 

125 and 450 cc Caballero or the Scambler models, now come updated with Euro 5 motors, and few details come added. 250cc is not in the lineup.


To align with Euro5 norms. The Fantic Caballero 125 now has the new four-stroke single-cylinder Minarelli motor combined with fuel injection and variable valve timing.

What more the exhaust, as well as a cooling mechanism, comes updated.

The switches on the handlebar too are updated. Plus to improve comfort and ergonomics, you now get a new seat. The side plates also are unique.

To add more protection the new rear fender arrives. In Europe, the Fantic Caballero 125 retails at 5,290 Euros ( includes delivery costs) and has three variants Deluxe, Scrambler and Flat track.


Caballero 500

As far as the Fantic Caballero 500 is concerned, it gets the same treatment as the 125 and 450cc. The 500 also receives the new motor, new exhaust and cooling system. However, we don’t see any amendments to the chassis.

Further unlike the 125cc the 500 switches come updated on the handlebar.

Plus to improve comfort and ergonomics, you now get a new seat. The side plates also are unique.

They come in five different variants like the Deluxe, Rally, Scrambler, Flat Track and Anniversary. The 500 starts at 6,790 euros.

The 500 Anniversary gets the light blue or red paint scheme. While at the other end the Rally 500 offroader comes in Amy green and Matte sand paint scheme.

The entire Fantic Carabello segment looks cool and elegant. And now as they come updated to Euro5 motorcycle enthusiast will like them.

Well, the question remains Fantic looking forward to expanding and arrive in India?

Our hopes are high.

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