Bezzi designs what we could see as a future electric BMW S1000RR

 Bezzi designs what we could see as a future electric BMW S1000RR

So, BMW EM-1 BLITZ KONZEPT look futuristic and sleek than the present composition and design. 

If you’re a fan of the BMW S1000RR, certainly you will enjoy this interior environment model is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.


It is definitely one of the craziest looking concepts we have seen in a while. So it’s only fair that we give this concept the same coverage as any other.

We are discussing this here because the company has not officially announced it, and it is just a concept now.

Bezzi has released this image and may consider the powertrain options for this concept.

It’s designed to be the lightest possible electric. And we assume it could be four times more powerful than any other electric bike on the market.

The acronym EM-1 stands for Electric Motorcycle, the number supposedly signifying the series. On the other hand, BLITZ means Lightning. A clever little play on words. 

The EM-1 Blitz was developed in part with lightness as the primary goal. And a visible desire for extreme performance. 

We see Bezzi taking some cues from the world of WSBK motorcycle racing. And combined it with their experience in building lightweight cars to get an extremely light and fast ride.

Theoretically, we believe the fully electric motorcycle can be powered by the onboard battery system connected to supercapacitors. 

The supercapacitors can capture and store energy more efficiently than a lithium battery and don’t have the same power density issues as them either.

The BMW BLITZ KONZEPT is a futuristic interpretation of a classic sportbike. With a dynamic, athletic and exclusive appearance, it has been designed to give motorcycle touring in the future a whole new look and feel.

Bezzi has created a unique, futuristic, sleek and sporty design for the BMW EM-1 BLITZ KONZEPT, which would be great to be used in the future.

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