Bimota has unleashed the ambitious Tesi H2

Bimota has unleashed the ambitious Tesi H2

We saw one of the most crucial partnerships in the motorcycle world last year before EICMA between Kawasaki and Bimota.

Well to no surprise Bimota unleashed Tesi H2 on the first day of EICMA 2019, and it took motorcycle world by storm.

And Bimota started testing the Tesi H2 in July 2020, and it was a clear indication about Tesi H2 to come on the road soon.

In the past, we also had a chance to talk to Bimota’s Marketing Head, Gianluca Galasso who shared Bimota’s future vision

Bimota now brings the production version of highly acclaimed Kawasaki powered Tesi H2.

 BIMOTA has announced that it will release production models of the radical and innovative Tesi H2 from on October 1st, 2020.

 The Tesi H2 was first unveiled at the EICMA show in November 2019. And attracted many motorcycle fans attention around the world. 

It also garnered much attention from media and motorcycle enthusiast. As the first machine in a revival of Italy’s most traditional and much-admired premium motorcycle brand.

 The Bimota Tesi H2 will be released to the European market first from October 1st

Following this, and then the sales will be gradually expanded. Manufacturing of The Tesi H2 will take place at BIMOTA’s famous Rimini factory in Italy. 

The Tesi H2 will arrive in the limited edition of 250 units, each with a unique serial number plate.

Starting yesterday it is possible to place the pre-order for the Tesi H2 on Bimota’s website:

Source: Bimota Official

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