Custom : Alp Racing & Design’s “Asymmetric Aero” is state of art

 Custom : Alp Racing & Design’s “Asymmetric Aero” is state of art

Introduction : Alp Racing & Design was founded by Alp Sungurtekin in 2001 in Los Angeles California. Jalika Gaskin joined Alp in 2007 and became the Crew Chief when we started racing in August 2011 at Bonneville Speedweek.

Alp has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design and specializes in Transportation Design. He is currently a Southern California Timing Association & Bonneville Nationals INC. “SCTA-BNI” Motorcycle tech inspector and a member of the MILERS Racing Club.

All Engines at Alp R/D are built/tuned in-house by Alp and specs are proprietary.Client projects proceed based on our racing schedule.Alp R​acing engines, frames are specifically designed & built for AMA, FIM and SCTA​ classes​.

Alp Sungurtekin and Jalika Gaskin
Photo Credits – Adam Bending

Information on Asymmetric Aero : Alp’s first machines, including “Asymmetric Aero,” used no wind-deflecting bodywork, and ran in the un-streamlined class.

His first Vintage-class racer made 132mph, with an original Triumph rigid frame and all-iron 1950 650cc Triumph engine, running on gasoline.

The “Asymmetric Aero” was the next development, using an aluminum cylinder head and stronger crankcases (still pre-unit), with the body-hugging chassis that pushed his bike into the Class A “special construction” category.

The Aero is tiny, to keep its wind resistance very low without using streamlining, and Alp started adding nitro-methane to his fuel mix.

“With the nitro, the later engine probably produces more than 150 hp at 160+ mph.” That “+” eventually became another 15mph, and the Aero retired with a recorded two-way average of 175.625 mph, the fastest un-streamlined, pushrod-engine motorcycle in the world for all capacities under 1000cc. ”

Pictures of Asymmetric Aero

Alp Team Working

Source : Alp Racing and Design
Asymmetric Aero Photo Credits : Derek Althen

Note :  Due to legal reservations it is illegal to copy, change or modify any of the pictures.

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