Honda HRC unveils new 2021 Grom

 Honda HRC unveils new 2021 Grom

Before a few days, we were talking about when will Honda bring the new Grom and the pictures resembled the custom, Grom.

However now Honda Europe has released a new MSX125 Grom.

Standard 2021 MSX125 Grom recently released.

And now Honda HRC has brought the new Grom which is different from the one normal Grom.

New 2021 Honda HRC Grom

Honda Racing Corporation (from now on HRC) will supply a new model of “GROM race-based car”. Which is crowd-pleasing as an introductory model of minibike circuits, to HRC service shops (from now on service shops) nationwide from March 2021

The new “GROM race-based car” come based on the new GROM announced in Thailand on the 21st.

They removed unnecessary safety parts for the race, incorporating ECU, harness, various changeover switches of HRC KIT parts, HRC service Supply to the shop.

 Besides, the service shop will incorporate the parts (cowl, step, muffler and more) necessary for racing. Which were initially developed by the service shop, and sell them as a complete car for racing.

Also, HRC will hold a one-make race “HRC GROM Cup” using this GROM race-based car at circuits nationwide. 

We have created an environment where you can experience the excitement of motorsports.

However, HRC has to say more.

  • The above image is an image of race complete specifications, and the mounting parts and colouring are different from the actual sales vehicle.
  • The “GROM race-based car” is circuit-only and cannot be run on public roads.
  • It is not possible to register and obtain a number.
  • The warranty does not cover this product.
  • When participating in a race, please change the specifications according to the regulations of each race before using.

Difference between 2021 Standard and 2021 HRC Grom

  • Exhaust is different
  • HRC Grom gets engine guard
  • HRC Logo
  • The design of the HRC Grom is more inclined towards Sports.
  • Both the Grom has an entirely different rear portion.
  • The handle is flat on the HRC Grom compared to the Standard Grom.
  • The HRC Grom comes with Dunlop tires.
  • The HRC Grom gets bold HRC graphics with white, blue and dark blue.
  • The grip guards too are present on the HRC Grom.


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