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Kar Lee of Kardesigns has been designing some prolific concepts he started designing in UK magazines since 1996, beginning with Bike, RiDE, and Performance Bikes.

He is one of those graphic designers who will think and design the motorcycle concept from all angles. In January 2020, we were fortunate enough to chat with him.


Kars concept of Superleggera SuperStreetfighter Panigale V4RRR SPS-RR

We wanted to understand what goes in his mind when he starts designing these concepts.

However, the concept we are talking about is his latest naked Superleggera Super Streetfighter Panigale V4RRR SPS-RR. Kar revealed this concept on April 1st on his Facebook page.

The motorcycle concept is the combination of faired and naked marvellous Ducati’s in one.

The front gets its inspiration from the Panigale V4R. The concept comes with many wings, which generates downforce at high speeds and comes from the Superleggera. 

The naked body and style come from the Streetfighter V4. 

Streetfighter V4

  • The new lethal Streetfighter V4 makes 208 hp (153 kW) of power @ 13,000 rpm, which is 250 rpm more than the outgoing Euro 4 V4.
  • On the other side, we get to see lower torque by 2000 rpm, which is 123Nm @ 9,500 rpm.
  • While the Streetfighter V4S is also available in the new “Dark Stealth Matte Black” colour, which makes the model even more exciting to the eye.
  • In other words, it is the Panigale V4 stripped of the fairings and with high and wide handlebars. More naked, more lethal.
  • What more, the spirit of the Streetfighter V4 comes perfectly represented by the minimalist design of the full-LED projector, which. One hand recalls the front of the Panigale V4. On the other hand, it refers to the crazy expression of the Joker. 
  • The comic book character inspired the Centro Sile Ducati designer in creating the new naked from Borgo Panigale.

The Streetfighter V4

Panigale V4R

  • Another novelty from the Italian firm, the 998cc powerbomb weighs 172kgs but, on the other hand, makes 221 hp (162 kW) @ 15,250 rpm and 11.5 kgm (112 Nm) @ 11,500 rpm. 
  • Ducati has used some featherweight engine components like titanium connecting rods, throttle component, titanium valves, light camshafts and more, which has made the V4R lighter.
  • Plus, the above components have also help to increase the power.
  • V4R also gets the dry clutch.
  • And it comes in Carbon Black and Red paint schemes.
  • What more, you can make the LEGO V4R by yourself. One of a kind, the first brick reproduction expresses and respects the values ​​of “Style, Sophistication and Performance” characterize Ducati and its motorcycles.

Panigale V4R

Superleggera V4

  • The 998cc is capable of making 234 hp in 152.2 kg with the racing kit. An extraordinary weight/power ratio, enhanced by the aerodynamic design of the GP16, the most effective ever developed by Ducati Corse.
  • The biplane wings help to generate 50 kg of downforce at speeds of 270 kmph.
  • However, the Superleggera V4 comes limited to 500 numbered units.

Superleggera V4

To conclude the Kar’s concept looks wild and astounding.


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