Kawasaki ZX-25R now is a synonym for lower displacement bikes, especially those under 250cc .While motorcycle enthusiasts are waiting to see this with dealers and on the road. Kawasaki now brings the seventh teaser that talks about its speedometer.

Third Teaser

In the third teaser, Kawasaki disclosed information on engine ram air intake.

Fourth Teaser

The fourth teaser contents the information of the radial-mount caliper and large diameter disc make it feel good with braking power and controllability.


Fifth Teaser

The fifth teaser had all the details about the engine.

Developed with the inputs from other Ninja ZX Supersport machines, the all-new engine offers a quick-revving nature, direct throttle response.

The flexible character combines strong low mid-range torque that facilitates city riding and screaming high-rpm power that is both for sport or track riding.

Every twist of the throttle rewards riders with the satisfying surge of acceleration complimented by characteristic intake and exhaust notes of Kawasaki inline four.

Sixth Teaser

The Ninja ZX-2R’s 37mm inverted fork SFF-BP internals. That combines the concept of Showa SFF and BFP. This advanced fork offers both race track performance and everyday usability.

At the rear, Horizontal back-link rear suspension offers a more progressive character that contributes to the bikes supersport style handling.

Both make their debut in the 250cc class.

Seventh Teaser

The speedometer is an essential component that talks about informatics and presents it to the rider in the right way.

ZX-25R speedometer is “Sophisticated instruments design features a large analog tachometer flanked by warning lamps .On one side we see gear position and multifunction indicator LCD screen on the other.

High tech electronic controls like Traction Control, Power Mode. Quick Shifter make it even easier enjoy the Ninja ZX-25R’s exciting inline-four performance.

The high-performance engine offers class-leading power and the rev range that extends beyond 17000 rpm.

Kawasaki ZX-25R Specs 

  • Engine: DOHC water-cooled 4-cylinder 4-valve
  • Displacement: 249cc
  • Front tire: 110 / 70R17M / C 54H
  • Rear tire: 150 / 60R17M / C 66H
  • Tire: SPORTMAX GPR-300
  • Rear sprocket: 50

Release Date

Kawasaki plans to release ZX-25R in the fall of 2020.


ZX-25R is at around 900,000 yen to 1 Million Yen in Japan.

We are looking forward to the ZX-25R and why not since it is one of the most influential bike coming out form Kawasaki stable.

Source : YouTube

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