Information on improved and limited models available in 2020.A few months ago, in July 2019, YZF-R1 was officially released. However, this model arrives in Japan in Fall 2020.

The previous YZF-R1 is present with a limited set of 20 limited race models called GYTR with a price tag of 5.50 million yen in Japan.


Now there are rumors of improvement. Surprising isnt it ?

Although it is a limited model, is there such a limited model, or is it a sports variant with YZF-R1M or more or less similar to GYTR?

Well, it’s a mystery. But it sounds interesting.


Do we see change or Yamaha plans  to discontinue the YZF-R6? The 108 HP R6 was not updated frequently by Yamaha since it came in 1999.

The last update we saw was in 2017 that had aerodynamics, and that claimed to reduce drag by 8% over previous models with updated styling like R1 with new shock and new fuel tank.

So we havn’t seen Yamaha updating the YZF-R6 with the major update that Yamaha did to R6 was in 2017 .The 600 segment doesn’t look like it is profitable for the motorcycle manufacturers.

We do feel Yamaha may discontinue it.

Below are the mid-size models of the mid size models that YZF-R6 competes with.

  • Honda: CBR600RR in 2021
  • Yamaha: YZF-R6
  • Kawasaki: ZX-6R
  • Suzuki: No
  • Triumph: Daytona 765 (limited edition)

It is surprising. Although it is a new CBR600RR, it looks like a 2021 model. 

It is a Japan release, but it seems that there is a possibility that it is for track purpose only. So do you think when Honda comes out with the new CBR600RR. Will Yamaha stay silent?

The new YZF-R6 seems to come out as well. However, there is an image that recent Yamaha is dedicating resources to electric and LMW.

So the possibility to discontinue the YZF-R6 is a bit far. Shortly, we may have more information on what Yamaha is thinking about its YZF-R6.

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