Kawasaki has teased there Z Series mid-size Supercharger. Kawasaki and Suzuki are in the forefront to bring these engines on the scene as both are in the process of research.

Kawasaki was already running tests on this mid-size Supercharger that had huge exhausts so we feel that it is not possible to break through the norms and this may reduce the performance of Supercharger.

We have also heard that this Supercharger will be in production from the coming year and Kawasaki was already playing with its exhaust and frame so that they can mount the engine and test.

There are several theories on frames as there needs to be a specialized frame to take a motorcycle at high speed. So either Kawasaki has remodeled the already existing frame or a developed new frame.

However, Kawasaki has tested the frame. The cost will be lower as compared to H2. We expect to see this in the upcoming EICMA.

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