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Roman Dolzhenko designs bike of the future

Futuristic designs by Russian designer Roman Dolzhenko is a treat for anyone’s eyes to watch. The renderings are smooth, aerodynamic and versatile in nature. Designed exclusively to give a glimpse of the future. The renderings come in three different paint schemes, white, red and black. The design doesn’t flaunt many things, but whatever the model […]Read More

Krax Moto. The talent is unleashed

French design house Krax Moto is not only famous for there fresh renderings but also the way they look at the motorcycles. And the most crucial, we would like to understand what makes them so exceptionally talented. Early years 1. How did Krax Moto start?Krax Moto: In 2006, I was passionate about motorcycles and above all […]Read More

Oberdan Bezzi’s Yamaha tenere 700 rally racer

Bezzi we all know is one of the brilliant designers on the planet, and his designs are known very well across the motorcycle world. What you currently see is the output of partnership between Oberdan Bezzi and Mauro Gessi of Gessi Motorcycles. Why have they collaborated? The objective is to increase the performance of Yamaha […]Read More

Mont Blanc pen inspired motorcycle concept

Inspiration Since its inception in the name of Mont Blanc, it has been synonymous with high-end writing instruments and has been with us for many years. They have inherited their own heritage from the numerous products that have developed along with the craftsmanship. Huigyu Kim wanted to create another product that involves their heritage and […]Read More

The man behind the Brush Monkey

We take a look at the man behind the name brush_monkey. Profile His name is Pranjal Das. He is 25, a graduate of NID Ahmedabad, furniture design by discipline, and is always into motorcycles.  He started his professional career at Honda R&D, India. Worked for 2.5 years there as a two-wheeler designer and recently moved […]Read More

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