Manufacturers like Honda bringing back the CB350 have not stirred the motorcycle market but made sure motorcycle manufacturers think on the same lines.

While Hero Motocorp doesn’t have any motorcycle in the 350cc segment in their portfolio, they already have competitors in the market like  Jawa StandardHonda Hness CB350,  Benelli Imperiale 400 and  Royal Enfield Classic 350  and Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

The concept Hero 361 Symbol Classic by Oberdan Bezzi will push Hero to think, why not a retro in this segment?


Let’s understand from Oberdan Bezzi in his words.

Hero 361 Symbol Classic by Oberdan Bezzi

Absolutely probable and desirable even the HERO brand wants to enter into India’s internal market competition. And a global perspective regarding the type of motorcycles. Classic.

The genre definitely in vogue as many Houses are dedicating particular attention to very carefully studied and developed models.

These are, in few words, highly traditional motorcycles from a technical/technological point of view.

With a very well-behaved aspect but without particular air-cooled, single-cylindrical, air-cooled inventions from the comfortable structure and the size suitable for couples use.

The look features the style of Japanese motorcycles in the 70 s. So it’s very welcome to resort wherever possible to real metal, chrome or otherwise to elements give a feeling of reassuring solidity.

Beware, though, these western-viewing motorcycles could be mistaken for models intended for an essentially adult audience.

Simultaneously, in the internal market, they also agree among those who want a vehicle of substance and image.

For this reason, Hero will decline the proposal in three variations.

With the most visible colours and alloy wheels, the Young version, the Glamour. For anyone who wants to be more fabulous with many black.

And dark and refined details and, of course, Classic, proudly glittering with chrome for those who love the tradition.

Equipped with a 361 cc engine. Embedded in a solid and traditional cycling structure, dimensionally adapted to all statures.

Qualitatively inexpensive and enjoyable aesthetics. If offered, a quotation generates an excellent value for money ratio. We are confident of this apparent success, Hero 361 Symbol.

Concept source Oberdan Bezzi



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