2021 Harley Pan America to come at $17000

 2021 Harley Pan America to come at $17000

A couple of days ago, the photos of the new 2021 Pan America were viral. We did say in 2019 about Harley’s plan to bring these models in 2021 and further in 2022.

Harley plans to launch the new Pan America with $17,000 as the price tag, close to Rs 12.42 Lakhs in Indian currency and is somewhere around 13,967 Euros in Europe.

We are not sure if Harley plans to bring 2021 Pan America to India anytime soon. But given the price and specs, it may prove a serious contender to its competitors.

However, there are not many changes between the Design, Concept, Prototype and Actual production model.

Italy is the first country to get the honours to pre-book the 2021 Pan America.

2021 Pan America 1250 Components

While other components like the 

  • Tail cowls
  • Under guard
  • Engine guard
  • Heel plate
  • Massive TFT dash
  • Guards around the chamber 
  • Muffler stay disappeared (supported only by tandem step)
  • The front fender is something strange
  • Swingarm
  • Tubular steel mesh frame 
  • 2-channel ABS anti-lock braking
  • Forks on the front may come as upside down 
  • Rear as electronically adjustable mono shocks
  • Front brakes are Brembo Monobloc 4-piston brake callipers
  • While the back may come as a single-piston brake calliper

Are similar in all four formats of expression in the Design, Concept, Prototype and Actual production model. 

2021 Pan America is Harleys multifaceted model which may change the way we look at the ADVs.

We may see below performance specs on the upcoming 2021 Pan America. However, there are hardly any details available about the 2021 Pan America. But then we have a few.

Performance Specs

  • Displacement: 1,250cc
  • Horsepower: 144 hp.
  • Torque: 90ftlb or more (122Nm)

The 2021 Pan America comes with the stern look, and instead of ordinary lights, we see these headlights are rectangular and off course LEDs.

And it looks like they come integrated with the fuel tank. 

Long and flat handlebar will again allow the rider to cruise on long commutes.

For additional comfort, the seat comes as a step seat. Harley had postponed both Bronx and 2021 Pan America until 2021. However, we don’t see this with the 2021 Pan America.

Cafe racer and Flat tracker are probably 2022 models.

Harley has also released a prototype of a flat tracker and a cafe racer-like model. Both these designs are registered, and both are high-performance custom models. 

As per the documents, the first model we think is 48X. We are unsure about 48X. At the earliest, it is a 2021 model or maybe a 2022 model.

The Cafe Racer and Flat Tracker are to arrive after 2022. As expected, 

As it is challenging to manufacture in the current situation, Harley will not release five models of the same system in a year. 

We think Harley has made the right decision as it plans to bring these models step by step. 

The bad news is Harley has discontinued the Bronx as we currently don’t see it in its lineup.

Pan America will debut on February 22nd.



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