When I visualize Triumph Speed Triple its difficult for me to direct my mind in a way Metal Bike Garages latest custom concept MB_001 is.

  • The concept answers two most important questions can the custom be made with unusual shape?
    Answer : Well it can be made and it can be made in splendid way.
  • Most important can this be executed particularly complex enormous size of body?
    Answer : Yes the execution is flawless.

I have been told this concept was the biggest challenge that MBG Team had faced in-order to answer above two questions.

Objective of Federico Rizzo, MBG Designer was to imagine a sinuous and fluid form, conceived as an organic geometry which, with numerous ribs, molds the material into a liquid form that wraps the motorcycle.


The reinterpretation of the fairing as a new sextant element in road bikes gives the model an original design typical of the concept bikes. Simone Lecca, model with skilled hands the materials wrapping the base model with an aluminum mantle.

The preparation consists in the construction of a monocoque body in aluminum completely hand-modeled; executed in only two parts, it fits on the bike and has come only from the front of the radiator shell whose development unites the side bellies in their underlying part.

Windshield, mudguards, chain carter and plate holder are made with manual processing and modeling. The saddlery is handcrafted and equipped with a shell to cover the two-seater saddle.

Under the body there is a dedicated aluminum assembled tank that houses the injection pump. The septum steel drain has a totally handmade nature. The frame, the crankcases and the polished rims have been repainted. The original front end has been replaced with racing stems and plates.

The billet parts, the braking systems are produced by Accossato Racing. The originally axial rear brake caliper is now radial. The original naked Triumph transforms into a futuristic Street Motorcycle.

About Metal Bike Garage

Metalbike Garage was founded in 2009 by the experience of its founder Simone Lecca in the automotive field at the Bertone style and prototype center. He made his debut in the world of special preparations for motorcycles, developing hand-beaten aluminum bodies with the most varied styles.

The company evolved in the following years towards complete projects of unique special motorcycles designed and executed entirely in the Collegno laboratory. The MBG technical staff is completed in the last years with a 3D designer able to perform realistic renderings for the most complex projects.

A wide range of specialized suppliers allows complex machining and supply of dedicated parts. MBG also supplies semi-finished products (mudguards, stoppers made from billets, etc.) and parts for assembly (brackets, flanges, etc.).

There are numerous projects with the manufacturers such as the preparations of the monocoque bodywork for BMW R nineT 2016 and 2017.

Source : Metal Bike Garage

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