Design student Iago Valino based in Pontevedra, Spain has designed a long-range electric motorcycle concept.

The concept is designed in three weeks and is dubbed as ” BMW Motorrad X EL Solitario MC “.


Plus the concept is designed in such a way that it is capable to carry cargo plus an additional set of batteries.

Of course, the sidecar can be plugged in as well as detached. The bike is powered by 18.7Kwh battery which itself is a good number.

On the sidecar, we could see space for both cargo and batteries. The grey colour design looks sleek and from the future.

However, if you are run out of charge you can the put the additional battery pack that you carry with your cargo.

The concept also gets goodies like Brembos to perform brake duties and Pirelli’s to perform tire duties. The digital dash is small but effective for a rider.

Sleek LED strips at front and rear are well-matched with the entire design of the motorcycle. 


LivingWithGravitys Take

  • The crucial vision of long-range electric motorcycle.
  • The design looks futuristic cafe racer.
  • Detachable sidecar to carry cargo and extra set of batteries.
  • We feel the yellow colour shocks and yellow colour Brembos may not fit the entire aesthetics of the bike. However, it again depends upon the taste of the audience.
  • Plus the weight of 18kwh battery may be on the higher side. However, there are several experiments being done to get a lightweight battery with more power. So what we are talking maybe a just a matter of time.

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