Event : Petrolletes Europe’s First Women’s Motorcycle Festival

 Event : Petrolletes Europe’s First Women’s Motorcycle Festival

One of the largest women’s motorcycle festival that is scheduled from 26th to 28th July . This four day event is to take place in Ferropolis, “the city of iron” in Germany.The Wrench Off involves 4 teams from Austria, Sweden, Italy and Germany.Off course Wrench Off is one part of this entire event but is going to be very interesting 

Its a freestyle custom motorcycle building competition to gauge the skills of all the competitors in terms of wrenching.
This event has great objective it is not only to bring forth the various skills of women but also making them visible on larger platform.

For this the Petrolletes as collaborated with Royal En-field.Now these 4 teams will receive a brand new ROYAL ENFIELD TWIN 650 and be tasked with creating an individual build which embodies their particular expertise and style.

The final conversions will be showcased at Glemseck 101 in September.

Pic Credits : Royal Enfield and Petrolletes

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