BMW Vision Next 100

From a dummy’s point of view, there is nothing easier to draw than a motorcycle: two wheels, a saddle, a tank and its handlebars. That’s what the old motorcycles looked like. If one were to project himself into the future in order to have an idea what future motorcycles could look like, one would be seeing a motorcycle with its huge curvy bodywork, solid carbon wheels, transparent number plates on the sides and neon blue keys. Generally, that would be the idea of what it could look like. Future motorcycles could be built in such a manner as to be super-efficient, less bulky in terms of size and it would definitely seduce immediately.

Motorcycles are not all about the streamlined structure and neon blue lights. There is more to that especially in terms of performance. Not only should the ride be comfortable but it should be safe as well.  In this light, some motorcycle producers have decided to step up the gear in order to find ways to achieve such in the most optimal way possible.

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To begin with, it is irrefutable that hybrid vehicles have been one of the most successful revolutions and the transportation industry so it would definitely be something to adapt to motorcycles as well. Though the thought of it may sound quite uncomfortable and little bit far-fetched, there are those companies that have already taken up the challenge and going miles ahead by struggling to incorporate such in future designs. Who knows, we may have bikes running on water, sugar cane, radio waves as an alternative source of fuel. This will in a great part help in reducing pollution given that the previous engines that ran on fuel were responsible for quite a good percentage of the emission of CFCs into the atmosphere. Whatever the case may be, one thing that’s certain is that as long as science keeps on evolving, there will always be something new to add to this already much advanced tech.

One should also not forget the riding gears. Nowadays, we realized here is quite a variety of these in the market. Come to think about it, many years back when people would struggle to keep themselves as confined and protected as possible when riding motorcycles, nowadays we have much more comfortable riding gears such as leather jackets which are made of different types of hides and are quite comfortable too. This definitely shows that there is way more which is yet to come especially when riding gears are concerned. This evolution even goes as far as the having air-bags present in the suits of many competitive motorcycle riders. These airbags work exactly the same way that airbags in vehicles would work. Which is filling up with slightly pressurized air in such a manner as to protect the user during a violent impact. Later in the future, this “air-bag technology” incorporated in driving suits could be revolutionized to the extent that we could be having anti-collision driving suits which will not only protect the rider but could somewhat prevent collisions.

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An area where advancements in technologies would absolutely be crucial is protective helmet. This is definitely the most important because it covers the most important part of our body which is our brain. The advancement here do not only limit itself to the esthetical aspect of it but also the studies incorporated so as to yield the most aerodynamically suitable structure which would be comfortable too.

One may also go as far trying to revolutionize the whole driving aspect of the bike, aiming and making it at the same time autonomous but safe as well. This could be having that the motorcycle be able to turn off itself automatically when not being used so as to safe energy. It could be better developed anti-collision mechanisms incorporated into the ride, automatic speed and load limitations which would go a long mile to help reduce the risk of having accidents when riding such motorcycles.

 With a “single bloc” structure where the seat is connected to a digital dashboard as a long aerodynamic line, the body of the Motorrad Vision Next 100 is hollow and reveals the engine. “Its connectivity potential, its self-balancing system will help protect the driver at all times, there will be no need to wear a helmet,” says Edgar Heinrich, the design director at Motorrad, BMW’s motorcycle division. The biker’s clothing will also be lighter, more stylish, and will also be connected to warn of hazards or obstacles on the road.

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That above is proof that the motorcycle industry has taken the bull by the horns and has a promising future once it comes to innovations attributed to the future of the motorcycle!



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