If we were to look beyond the recent past and instead focus on the pedigree of Royal Enfield’s “Made-in-India” motorcycles. We’d find ourselves at a point where the company was in great need of much-needed freshness. 

However, with motorcycle enthusiasts around the world clamouring for some severe modern tech to be injected into the retro frame of the thumpers.

There wasn’t much “breathing room” to inject certain features — yet, here we are seeing something that defies all sense of logic.



And that’s where Royal Enfield 650cc Interceptor stood.

Remote desert dunes, no cellphone coverage. And no gas stations in sight are things bike builders’ dreams are making. 


High reliability and lightweight parts are the factors to be considered for such a journey.Nothing would get you stranded or break during your ride. 

Deus Ex Machina’s new build Rango stands testimony to such factors. Designed for adventure getaway with the best features incorporated.

Simple yet effective

Deus Ex Machina’s aim is simple, turn out refined motorcycles built for the job. The new Rango was created as an all-purpose roadster, designed to tackle everything from coastal cruising to days riding in the canyons. 

The bike’s construction aims to improve on the original Desert Sleds of the 60s. Firmly placing itself in the present with ergonomics, geometry and creature comforts such as power steering, ABS and fuel injection.


The task that they had at hand was to build a bike with more off-road capability than the regular interceptor with a Scrambler look. 

After looking at the bike’s stance on the ground.It was evident that the rear suspension setup and fenders were specially made to suit the new perspective of the bike with Maxton T260 Shock and the forks upgraded with YSS valves.

Custom components

Further they shortened the rear loop and kicked it up to suit the new stainless fender kit from Baak. They mated the front brace to a purpose-built moto stainless front fender. 

They shortened the stock, reshaped and covered it by Bad Arse Trim Co with an Alcantara top and vinyl border. Baak tracker handlebars, Brushed side covers, leather gaiters and mirrors, and a Rizoma cowl complete the aesthetic.


A low profile headlight bucket with LED inserts accompanied by PBM dome indicators take care of the lighting, while a motogadget tiny speedo cleans up the cockpit.


With the sled looking the part, it was time to make it go the part. Revelry Cycles treated the engine to a slew of goodies from S&S. Including a high-performance cam, high comp pistons, S&S qualifier headers matched to an SC-Project S1GP muffler. Powertronic + Map switch, house-made 40mm throttle bodies and K&N pods. 

These upgrades squeezed an extra 15hp from the 650, making 57.68hp at 8100 RPM. 


These relatively simple yet effective tweaks, the interceptor donor transformed it from an excellent street commuter to an even better purpose-built scrambler. Capable of tackling everything from your morning coffee run to the Baja 1000. 

via Deus Customs

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