Daryl Villanueva founded his company, Bandit9, in 2011, pursuing the vision of crafting a line of high-quality, exclusive handcrafted motorcycle models, of which the EVE is considered one of the first.

But for this model, Daryl wanted to go back to his initial vision that all started with the EVE; to create a machine that’s as much sculpture as it is functional, and he has done just that with Bandit9’s latest creation — the Odyssey.

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Rich history

Sitting at the crossroads of Japanese and American culture, Saigon is a city rich in motorcycling history — and home to Bandit9 Motors, the Southeast Asian shop responsible for crafting sci-fi-inspired works of aluminium art. 

 This world-renowned customs shop has created a more detailed follow-up with an all-new limited production model known as the Bandit9 EVE Odyssey. 

Incorporating futuristic design elements and the latest technological trends with traditional engineering values and genuine craftsmanship, this newest creation gives us a glimpse into what may become the brand-new future of custom motorcycle building.


Going back in time

Imagine going back in time, back to the last few years when everything was more uncomplicated, and you never had a care in the world. Sure, the movies were bad, games often had terrible graphics, and mobile phones needed to be more puny and bulky. 

But there was no pressure on you always to get things right. You could have playful interactions with people and (more importantly) be able to play with toys that didn’t have a hundred tiny pieces to fiddle about with. And one of those toys was the Bandit9 EVE Odyssey, made of metal.

Bandit9 is creating something unique and set the bar again by combining “traditional motorcycle architecture, next-generation materials, and a progressive design ethos to create a new kind of riding machine.” The result is a dubbed EVE Odyssey designed with simplicity and eco-friendliness. 

Inspired from NASA

Moreover, the design takes inspiration from the NASA spacecraft and gas tank, subframe, sear, headlight and steering setup integrated into one monocoque frame. Bandit9’s works are ‘engineered to excite even the most discerning techies’ and use ‘advanced aluminium’ to create the unibody design.

Starting at the front of the bike, Bandit9 has crafted a set of bespoke clip-on handlebars, an aluminium alloy box frame, and customised rear-set foot controls. In contrast, a pair of matching aluminium levers sit neatly on top. 


The make

The bars then meet up with custom aluminium grips to create the bike’s crossbar, designed to fit its aluminium spoked wheels.

The custom EVE Odyssey also gets the custom-made suspension with a distinctive telescopic fork design up front, while we see a single-sided swing arm integrated with mono-shock on the back.

The motor arrives from Honda, a 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled that can make a top speed of 65mph (104kmph). EVE Odyssey is also treated with custom LED blinkers, a custom LED display, and an ultra-angular grilled belly pan, and you can opt for a neoprene leather seat.

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Bandit9 plans to start the EVE Odyssey deliveries in March 2023. However, the pre-bookings are open with a limited-time starting price of $15,500, with a $5,000 discount offered until March 14th,2023.

After March 14th,2023, the bike’s price will rise to $19,500 MSRP. Later, Bandit9 also plans to present the EVE Odyssey in an electric avatar.

Images by: Bandit9


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