Concept R18 is an engineering marvel from BMW Motorrad Team. Vision to fuse the 1960 large boxer 1800 cc engine with classic design and showcasing how the engine can accommodate the futuristic requirements is something BMW Motorrad Team is successful via this model.

“One of the aims to build this bike is that the rider should embody this bike as his/her own rather than treating this as a separate entity and provide the noble customer experience ” explains Edgar Heinrich, head of BMW Motorrad Design.

Bart Janssen Groesbeek, designer of the concept bike talks about the challenge saying “The biggest challenge in the design is to render everything visible. Every part has a functional purpose. There are not many who would dare to take such an absolutely honest approach”.


Concept R18 becomes third conversion of idea of BMW Motorrad using high capacity engines after ” Departed” created by Japanese masters CUSTOM WORKS ZON that gain many accolades and was famous overnight.

The second idea was interpreted by Revial Cycles with model name ” BirdCage” another out of the box build that took cues from the actual Bird cage and changed the way we look at the traditional customs being build.

What actually is BMW R18 Concept?

  • The idea to fit in 1800cc futuristic engine in classic design is simply astonishing and we could see more trends by other manufactures coming in.
  • Engine is 1800 cc bad ass boxer engine that is been newly designed by BMW Engineers.Now that meant that they had to create an entire new platform right from scratch.
  • Glass bead blasted aluminium is used to build the engine block and transmission.
  • Aluminum components are hand polished so are belt guard and valve covers.
  • Engineering is clearly visible with no additional covers added on the bike.
  • Solex dual carburettors are used.
  • To keep it pure traditional classic build there are no complicated electronics involved in the bike.
  • Assumption of exhaust note is that it may sound loud, however when heard it sounds flat, classy and is aligned with build of the bike.
  • Metzeler tyres to hold the bike with large spoke wheels front 21 inch and rear 18 inch.
  • Exposed shaft is another good looking thing on the engine.
  • Chrome is added on the shaft of the engine, plus on two exhausts having a rectangular outlet.
  • LED lights to bring in the modern look.

This is going down in history as one of the most marvelous builds.

Source : BMW Motorrad

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