2021 Honda Rebel 1100, specs, price and more

 2021 Honda Rebel 1100, specs, price and more

In October and November 2020, Honda to extend its capabilities had brought a plethora of new models. And they are 

We now see the new Rebel 1100 from Honda.

Based on Africa Twin adventure platform, with a 270-degree crankshaft design gives a pulsing, rhythmic sound and feels at low engine speeds but runs smoothly at higher rpm.

There are two trims the standard and the DCT. Apart from one change, both the trims have the same specs and components. However, the DCT fares on top of the Standard model by having the ‘Six-speed Automatic DCT’ transmission. 

The DCT is based on Honda’s ‘Relax and Excite’ design theme, which is adaptable to every rider.


The 1084cc,liquid-cooled Unicam® four-stroke 22.5° parallel-twin motor comes with 92mm x 81.5mm bore and stroke. 

Essentially Honda doesn’t talk about its power figures. The power plant comes with the narrow design and generates power from low line to redline.

Unlike Africa Twin, you will find much grunt at the lower revs. However, Rebel cruises with ease and class. 

With the help of 270 degrees crank, you will get all the grunt and power which is easy to modulate and further provides a pleasing exhaust note.

For optimal engine placement, we get to see a compact cylinder—further the along with the 270-degree crankshaft. One cylinder produces slightly more power below 4000 rpm, and the other more above 4000 rpm.

As per Honda, the Rebel makes 50% more power compared to some of the standard cruisers.

Electronics and Design

The 2021 Honda Rebel arrives with cruise control, ride by wire with four levels of Honda Selectable Torque Control. Second, you can choose from four power delivery modes: Standard, Rain, Sport, and a fourth is user-programmable.


Further, the DCT variant gets the DCT mechanism. Sm. DCT inside, is as severe as a conventional transmission, with steel gears. You can let it shift for you, or paddle shifters in the manual mode give you full control.

The super assist clutch makes your effort lighter by 30%. By using the biaxial counterbalance, Honda was successful in cancelling and fine-tuning both primary and coupling vibrations from the engine.

The Rebel 1100 handles well due to the low positioned crankshaft, which is also close to the bike’s centre of gravity. 

The lightweight lithium-ion battery adds extra durability compared to a lead-acid battery, it lasts approximately four times longer, and its shelf life is 1.6 times long. The under-seat USB-C port offers much help to the rider.

On the unfamiliar roads and in the rain the Rebel 1100 also has the anti-lock braking mechanism. Plus what more unlike the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade the Rebel 1100 comes to with wheelie control. 

Ideally, the front and rear sensors collaboratively work with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). To choose from the Rebel 1100 has three levels of wheelie control. 

Frame, Brakes and Suspension

The trellis design describes a bold diagonal theme line from the steering head to the swingarm pivot and adds more strength to its entire structure.

Brakes are Single radial-mounted four-piston calliper with full-floating 330mm discs; ABS at the front and Single-caliper 256mm disc; ABS at the rear. With rear mounting adds extra stability and stiffness.

The 59.8 inches wheelbase cast aluminium wheels are light, practical, easy to keep clean.

What more the front 130/70-18 tires and fat 16-inch 180/65 rear provides more grip in unhealthy conditions.

To add to the more style, are rigidity Honda has black-plated the final-drive chain. Plus the muffler to arrives in a black and is responsible for providing ear catchy exhaust note.

Compared to its competitors, the entire package is 80 pounds (36kgs) lighter. However, Rebel 1100 as a whole carries (487 pounds) 220 kg curb weight.


Both the Standard and DCT model comes with two colour options. 

  • Metallic Black and 
  • Bordeaux Red Metallic


The Standard model comes with the $9,299 with while you need to shell out $700 more for DCT model which is $9,999 and it is for DCT transmission which is absent in the standard variant.


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