While the rumors are coming since ages.Now there is teaser from Suzuki about the upcoming Hayabusa. It was earlier called as Falcon.However on the name front it is still a mystery.Again below are some details.It was postponed earlier.

  • This is no turbo model it will be a normal model.
  • Naturally again there wont be lot of updated in the upcoming model.
  • New tech could be added like Traction Control, Cornering ABS, etc.
  • It is also likely to get new frame and current base that is patented by Suzuki.
  • The dashboard will be normal.
  • Suzuki has already tested the commercial model.
  • It gets 1450 cc as in displacement.
  • Possibility to arrive in 2021.
  • Fast acceleration

President of Suzuki had already said about the above three.So it is going to be concept and than into production added by tech like ABS etc.The power is supposedly to rise.

However the integration of new tech like AMT is still a mystery, however with many players staring to work on AMT, Hayabusa might get this in future models and off-course with new tech coming it is logical to say that the price tag of Hayabusa may well go up by certain extent.


Source : Suzuki

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